Blog: A Guy Named “Pilates”

January 29, 2017


I am trying to complete a book, “Quotes That Inspire Well-being - 1,000 Sparks of Motivation to Help You Live Healthy and Laugh Out Loud!”  As the title says, it’s a compilation of sayings that are meant to encourage healthy behaviors - with a heavy dose of humor. I started collecting quotes years ago. I view them as “mental multi-vitamins.” Recently, I decided to select my favorites, categorize them, provide information on the author, and publish them.


To date, I have completed work on 3,300 quotes - from A to P in my alphabetized list of authors. The problem is my list keeps growing! I now have 1,000 more quotes to research. Working through the “Ps” today, I prepared to write a short description of Joseph Pilates. I knew nothing about him, other than his name appears on a room in my gym that appears to be a torture chamber of some kind. What I learned led to the addition of more quotes attributed to him. You can see in the picture above that he was quite a stud well into his later years. What else I found out is summarized below.


Joseph Pilates was a German physical trainer who invented the Pilates method of physical fitness, which increases flexibility, strength of the deep torso and abdominal muscles, and stamina, while teaching awareness of breath and of alignment of the spine. He emigrated to the U. S. in 1925 and opened  a studio in New York City, where, along with his wife (who he met on the boat to America), he taught students his method into the 1960s. Pilates attracted a devoted following from New York’s dance community who came to him for training and rehabilitation. Fifty years after his death, the popularity of his method continues to grow. (1883-1967)


Live Well,


M. J. 


- M. J. White, creator of Lean Wellness, and one who is inspired by the good thoughts and actions of others.



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