Blog: “Squeezing into the Sauna”

January 3, 2017

All twenty-four treadmills were taken. The large sauna was at capacity. But, I was determined to get my “steam on”, so the fellas had to make room for one more. That was the gym today. The “resolutioners” were out in force -  occupying Well Street. I realize, if I can just be patient, it will be back to normal in a few weeks and I will have my space.  But, I can’t help wanting to offer some advice, if only they could lift their eyes from their phones and pull out their ear buds for a minute. I would offer a simple suggestion: Instead of putting yourself through the physical and mental torture of starting over every year, start over every day. Make each day a new beginning. Decide what you want your “perfect day” to look like, envision it, and go about making it happen. If it doesn’t quite measure up today, tomorrow is a good night’s sleep away.


It works for me because I have turned my routine into a habit, which takes all the stress out of it. Before going to bed, I lay out my workout clothes. I ensure that I get seven hours of sleep – the key to optimal functioning! I wake up at 5:00 am and enjoy at least ten minutes of solitude. That is followed by ten minutes of stretching, and one hour (with two cups of coffee) of reading on some aspect of personal or professional development. Once the reading is completed, it’s off to the gym for a workout. On my 15-minute drive to work, I listen to a Spanish speaking CD, and arrive at the office energized, intellectualized and spiritualized! It’s only 9:00 am and my resolutions are satisfied and I am looking forward to celebrating a New Day tomorrow!


Happy New Day!


M. J. 


- M. J. White, creator of Lean Wellness

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