Blog: “Introducing a New Movement: ‘Teacher Walks’"

November 12, 2016


Teacher Walks™ is a nationwide movement that inspires teachers and students to move more at school. Since it is a “movement” and not a “program”, it doesn’t cost a penny; it requires no special equipment; and it can be launched immediately. Follow these simple instructions and start walking:


     1.  Go to the Teacher Walks web page and complete the short sign-up form

     2.  Measure a safe walking route on the school grounds

     3.  Create walking circles of:

  • Teachers and any interested students

  • Teachers and their classroom students

  • Teachers only

  • Students only

     4.  Select a daily time and distance to walk that is agreeable with everyone

     5.  Do Teacher Walks as many days as possible, before, during or after school

     6.  Track daily progress

     7.  Keep walking and be recognized for your achievement


Why do we need a movement to inspire teachers and students to move more at school? Besides the obvious physical benefits from heart-pumping exercise, here are a few other perks that will make walking the most popular activity in any school:

  • Lowers stress levels and elevates the mood of participants

  • Enhances social well-being from the friendly interactions of circle members

  • Provides a purpose or goal that is shared with others

  • Allows teachers and students the opportunity to get to know each other better

  • Creates an informal learning environment for sharing information

  • Builds a break in the day for revitalizing mental and physical energy

  • Influences family and community members to move more


Teacher Walks is broken into 4-week competitions throughout the school year. Achievement is based on the circle’s average daily distance walked. Multiple walks can be taken each day and counted toward the day’s total. Five different levels of achievement are recognized, from “1 Star”, for a ½ mile per day, to “5 Stars”, for 3 miles per day.


Teachers and Students Rock & Walk!


M. J.


- M. J. White, Lean Wellness Founder, son of teachers, former teacher, and passionate walker

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