Blog: “Introducing a Movement: 'Circle Walks’”

November 11, 2016


Since 2007, I have been trying to figure out ways to get people to move more at work, believing that, if they did, their lives would improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Getting people to change behaviors is not an easy task, and getting them to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors is even more difficult. However, if you make something fun, social, easy to fit into one’s daily routine, intrinsically rewarding, and you do it long enough, it will become a habit that people can’t live without. For example, at my workplace, anywhere from 3 to 7 people meet at 12:15 pm every day to walk a mile. Originally, it was about the exercise. But, that was long ago and that is no longer want drives participation. Now, it’s about relationships, fresh air, rejuvenation, happiness, and being there to support one another. I would like others to benefit as I have, so I have created “Circle Walks” - a nationwide movement that inspires people to move more.


To get started, identify 2 to 6 people who you would enjoy walking with for 20 minutes; create a safe walking route near your workplace or home; select a daily time that is convenient for all members of your circle; do circle walks as many days as possible; track your progress; and be recognized for your achievement! Please go to the Circle Walks page and complete the simple signup form, so I can recognize your circle’s achievement and keep you posted on Circle Walks news. 


Get Moving!


M. J. 


- M. J. White, Creator of Lean Wellness™, Circle Walks™ and Teacher Walks™ - and fan of walking!


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