Blog: “Workplace Wellness That Works”

November 8, 2016


Laura Putnam wrote a book called “Workplace Wellness That Works” (Wiley, 2015). It’s one of the best books that I have read on the subject. In it, she explains how her approach to workplace wellness is different from the traditional wellness model - “one that overly relies on medical and behavioral sciences” - and a model that has failed to make much of a difference in the health and well-being of the people it was designed to help.


Laura is calling for a “movement” to win the hearts and minds of leaders, managers and employees. She advocates for more of a decentralized approach that encourages individuals and small teams to take initiative and create healthy sub-cultures in their work environment. As these individuals and small groups spread their influence - by their understanding of what matters most to colleagues and providing support and inspiration for positive lifestyle changes - the work place culture changes. No longer is a formal wellness program needed. Instead, the culture becomes, in the words of culture guru Edgar Schein, simply “the way we do things around here.”


Live Lean!


M. J.  


- M. J. White, Lean Wellness creator and a ravenous consumer of stimulating ideas



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