Mini-Blog: “How to Start a Movement in 5 Easy Steps”

September 12, 2016


Five steps for creating a movement that lasts:

  1. Know your “Why?" What makes you passionate about your undertaking? Articulate it.

  2. Share your passion. Passion creates a vision for a better future. Vision attracts others.

  3. Focus on quality over quantity. The level of belief in and commitment to your movement is more important than the number of people you attract. Grow with people who can answer their “Why?”

  4. Take action. Movements are beliefs in motion. Action unites people and provides ongoing motivation.

  5. Strive for continuous improvement. It keeps passion, vision and action alive.

Live Lean!

M. J. 

- M. J. White, creator of Lean Wellness and lots of mini-movements!

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