Blog: “A Prescription for a Great Day”

April 3, 2016


She awoke energized from 7-hours of sleep. Her exercise clothes were laid out - her clue to begin the day with movement. She stretched for a few minutes and then quietly reflected on all the things that she was grateful for. She went over the day’s schedule in her mind and visualized everything going according to plan. After an invigorating walk, she enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit, a hard-boiled egg, whole grain toast and coffee. She showered and dressed. She arrived at work positive and expecting good things to happen.


Does that describe the start of your day? It’s an example of someone beginning the day with M.E.D.S.S.:


“M”: Move More

“E”:  Eat & Drink Healthy

“D”:  Don’t Use Tobacco

“S”:  Sleep Well 

“S”:  Stress Less


MEDSS represents the lifestyle behaviors that bring us energy and happiness. Too often, we attempt big lifestyle changes that quickly lead to failure and discouragement.  Small doses of MEDSS produce positive rewards, increased confidence, and sparks continuous improvement.


Here are a few tips to make taking your MEDSS easier to swallow:


Move More –               Keep it simple. All movement counts. Move in ways that you                                               enjoy, e.g., walking, biking, gardening, etc.


Eat & Drink Healthy –  Eat a healthy breakfast, eat a salad for lunch, or reduce snacking                                      or alcohol consumption.


Don’t Use Tobacco –   It’s not easy, but there are many aids that make quitting easier.                                         Don’t stop trying!


Sleep Well –                A good night’s sleep provides energy to move more; it reduces                                           cravings; and decreases anxiety and stress. Make at least seven                                       hours of sleep a top priority. 


Stress Less –              Be proactive when it comes to things that cause you stress. Be                                         present – not dwelling in the past or future. Take time to slow                                             down and “breathe”. Express gratitude and kindness toward                                               others.


Live WELL!


M. J. 


- M. J. White, Creator of Lean Wellness

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