Blog: “What Gets Measured Should Be Managed”

October 25, 2015


What gets measured gets managed in the business world.  It should apply to our personal health as well.  Important health numbers should be known and managed. Body Mass Index (BMI - a weight to height ratio), Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, LDL (“L" for lousy) Cholesterol, HDL (“H" for healthy) Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Fasting Glucose (blood sugar) are the numbers to know.  Once known, appropriate actions can be taken to maintain or improve them.  Regularly measuring these numbers is a proactive approach that puts us in charge of our health.  It minimizes the likelihood of a medical surprise and maximizes our vitality and longevity.


A routine physical a few years ago was my wakeup call.  Many of my numbers were outside of desired ranges.  The doctor said that we should “keep an eye on things”.  At the time, I had a regular workout routine, but I also had a sedentary job that led to to hours on end of sitting.  My diet was “everything in moderation”, with little attention paid to the nutritional value of what I was consuming.


Rather than waiting to see what surprises my doctor might reveal in future exams, I decided to take action.  I made changes and tracked progress.  I learned what the “numbers” meant, how they affected my health, and how I could improve them.  I changed my eating habits and literally took “steps” to reduce long periods of sitting. Three years later, Total Cholesterol is down 14%, Triglycerides are 57% lower, and Fasting Glucose is 41% lower.


While my chronological age has increased, my body’s “real age” has gotten younger.  Knowing my numbers motivates me to take action and practice healthy lifestyle behaviors that slow the aging process.  Knowledge is power – when put it into action!


Take Action!


M. J. White


M. J. White is the creator of “LEAN Wellness”, which transforms work environments with a radically different bottom-up approach that inspires continuous improvement in health and wellbeing.  To learn more, visit the website at: or email M. J. directly at:

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