Blog: “Write It Down!”

August 30, 2015


Up until almost 20 years ago, New Year’s Day was always approached with a long list of resolutions to motivate me to get in better physical shape.  January 1, 1996 changed my resolutions forever.  On that date, I created a physical activity chart where I could record how many miles walked or ran, and how much time I spent doing resistance training. In recent years, I have become a big fan of wearable devices to record my daily steps. So, I now record my daily step count instead of distance covered. The bottom line: the daily act of writing my activity down has motivated me for almost 20 years!  If I go a few days of entering “0’s” or low step counts on my chart, I become embarrassed by the numbers and I start increasing my activity.


The activity chart is displayed prominently on my refrigerator where I cannot avoid it.  It has columns for two people, or one person for two months.  If possible, include a partner, family member, or friend in your effort.  It does not have to be competitive. However, the benefit of sharing the experience will provide a huge increase in motivation for both of you. I promise you that the activity chart will be the simplest and most effective way that you have ever experienced to keep you engaged in exercise.


Write It Down!


M. J. 


M. J. White is the creator of “LEAN Wellness”, which transforms work environments with a radically different bottom-up approach that inspires continuous improvement in health and wellbeing.  To learn more, visit the website at: or email M. J. directly at:

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