Blog: “Are You in Shape to Perform Your Best?”

May 4, 2015


Olympic athletes prepare long and hard for the chance to compete for a gold medal. To be the best, they spend years perfecting skills, speed, strength and stamina through rigorous training, strict diets, and adequate rest and recovery.  What if we “trained” for greatness at our jobs?  Alongside our team of co-workers, imagine what we could achieve if we all sought to maximize our potential in our respective roles at work.


Regardless of the work environment, we corporate or industrial athletes can give our best performance at work when we develop optimal lifestyle habits.  Athletes need to:


1.  Eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and drink at least 9-12 glasses of water per day.  This fuels the body, enabling peak performance.


2.  Perform daily aerobic exercise to elevate the heart rate, increase oxygen throughout the body and tone muscles.  Incorporating massage, stretching and strengthening exercises will help to prevent repetitive strain injuries, and keep energy and endurance levels high, while maintaining flexibility and mobility.


3.  Get sufficient sleep, 7-8 hours for most adults.  Sleep is essential for all systems of the body to rest, recover, and rejuvenate.


4.  Manage stress.  Chronic stress can debilitate the body over time.  A positive mental attitude, deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, and laughter are techniques for mediating the effects of stress on the body and improving health.


Most of us spend 8 or more hours a day working to make a living. If we want to be our best at work and in life, then we must dedicate ourselves to daily training through healthy eating, exercise, sleeping well and managing stress.  We may never step on a podium to receive a gold medal, but the prize of improved health and wellbeing will provide lasting rewards.


Train WELL!





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