Blog: “Got Sleep?"

April 13, 2015

The local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office is not the ideal place for improving one's wellbeing. In most cases, it provides a full frontal assault on any peace of mind that you enjoyed prior to walking in the door.  I came prepared with plenty of reading material to help me pass the time.  My ticket number suggested that there were 100+ people in front of me.  I hunkered down and started reading.  


As I endulged in my cerebral activity, a gentleman seated next to me inquired about the article that I was reading, "Why Sleep is Crucial to Wellness" (Melissa A. Winn, Employee Benefit News, 6/1/14). Theo, a 37-year old architect and father of three young children, was a stranger to a good night's sleep and wanted to know more.  He acknowledged the benefits of quality sleep: increased energy, improved mood, better mental clarity, enhanced immune system, and a more vibrant physical appearance, but, like so many of us, he often finds it difficult to achieve. 


The article explained that sleep is an often overlooked health behavior in workplace wellness programs, despite its proven impact on productivity and health.  Research from Virgin Pulse suggests that almost 30% of employees report that they are unhappy or very unhappy with the quality or quantity of their sleep.  Employers can address this simply, and at no cost, by providing tips on better sleep and promotion of online programs and/or sleep-tracking devices.  Workplace policies can further assist this effort by allowing flexible schedules to accomodate sleep-disturbing travel or late work.


With a spring in my step and a smile on my face, I walked out of the DMV office.  I made a new friend and I spread the gospel of quality sleep!


Sweet Dreams!


M. J. 


M. J. White is the creator of “LEAN Wellness”, which transforms work environments with a radically different bottom-up approach that inspires continuous improvement in health and wellbeing.  To learn more, visit the website at: or email M. J. directly at: 



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