Blog: “‘Why’ Go Lean?”

March 11, 2015


When people understand ‘the why’ behind the ‘how,’ they become empowered to act independently and take initiative.  Creating a culture of Lean requires every single individual in an organization become fully engaged in continuous improvement.  When people understand the principles behind the tools, they become capable of innovating the application of the tools to their unique problems.  One successful improvement followed by another, slightly different, and then another, different yet, unleashes a continuous flow on innovation, enthusiasm, and commitment to a never-ending journey.


No one that has tasted the fruit of continuous improvement can ever again be satisfied in an environment of mediocrity and stagnation.  Associates who learn the principles and tools associated with Lean become change agents, leaders, inspirational and powerful. This happens from the very top of an organization to the very bottom.  I have observed over and over that a powerful leader at the bottom of the organization is no less impactful than one at the top.” 


– Robert D. Miller, Executive Director, The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence


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