M. J. White

Lean Wellness Creator

M. J. White is a passionate promoter of healthy lifestyle behaviors in the workplace. His prescription for a healthy lifestyle is called MEDSS: Move More, Eat and Drink Healthy, Don’t Use Tobacco, Sleep Well and Stress Less. It provides a simple and effective way to change individual behaviors. His Lean Wellness approach to worksite culture change, based on Lean Manufacturing principles that encourage ongoing learning and continuous improvement, is an effective and affordable way to change organizational behaviors. 


M. J. has advanced degrees in both education and business. His education background includes teaching, consulting, and school administration. His business experience includes sales and marketing, sales management, and business development. He lives is Chicago and works for Activate Healthcare, a leader in employer-sponsored primary care clinics, where he assists organizations with implementing primary care clinics and creating healthy worksite cultures. His Lean Wellness Blog and Quotes has provided inspiring quotes and messages every day since early 2015. In 2018, he published his first book: Quotes That Inspire Wellbeing - 1,000 Sparks of Motivation to Help You Live Healthy and Laugh Out Loud! 


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Email:          mjwhite@leanwellness.us

Website:      leanwellness.us 

Facebook:    facebook.com/www.leanwellness.us

Twitter:         twitter.com/leanwellness_us 

Instagram:    sparks_of_motivation

“Lean is an everyday practice, performed by everyone, at all levels, to consistently improve performance.”

- Natalie J. Sayer and Bruce Williams, authors of Lean for Dummies

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